The Negative Impact of Darwinism on Society

How does a scientific theory produce a negative impact in society (other than by creating weapons that destroy society)?

How does Darwinism produce a negative impact in society?


These are two completely different questions. A true science has no inherent negative social impacts. On the contrary, Darwinism most definitely possesses requisite negative consequences in our society. Darwinism’s negative social influences arise from its status as a pseudoscience. Why do I say Darwinism is a pseudoscience and not a science? Two characteristics remove Darwinism from the realm of scientific theory: Darwinism has no predictability and is not falsifiable.

First, a scientific theory must have the power of predictability. If I shoot a cannon ball with a specific trajectory and a certain velocity I can predict exactly where it is going to land because of the laws of physics. The laws of Darwinism cannot predict what organism will change into what new organism, or even if an organism will change at all. And how could it? Darwinism is evolution by the natural selection of random mutations. Letting things randomly mutate and seeing what happens can never be called a scientific theory.

As far as falsifiability goes, Darwinism can be the answer to every question asked of it. Why do snakes have forked tongues? Because of Darwinism. Why do frogs not have forked tongues? Because of Darwinism. Why did some lizards learn to fly and become birds? Because of Darwinism. Why do we still have lizards that cannot fly? Because of Darwinism. How did elephants develop trunks? Because those mutations were selected. Why do giraffes have 7 very large vertebrae rather than 10 shorter vertebrae? Because those mutations were not selected.

Darwinism’s lack of predictability and falsifiability push Darwinism into the realm of pseudoscience and political science. Darwinism’s only function is to remove a supernatural explanation from public discourse. By falsely claiming Darwinism is a scientific theory that explains the creation of humans, Darwinist shut out any as of yet unexplained theory or supernatural theory. Darwinism is used by atheists (or other materialists) to remove God from public debate. And this has been done through legislation. Darwinism is wedded to the judge-made doctrine of separation of church and state in order to protect the state from religion, rather than protecting religion from the state as is the intent of our Constitution. The consequences of this are profound.

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