Darwinism cannot be used to explain the origin of life nor deny the existence of God


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The complexity of every physiologic system is evidence for intelligent design. A YouTube animation by Kerry Kim entitled “Phototransduction: How We See Photons” is the latest animation that attests to this statement. Here, I briefly summarize this extremely complex process however I strongly encourage the reader to watch the animation in its length. In doing

What Is Darwin's Collapse?

In the western hemisphere adherents of atheism, secularism and naturalism have decided they cannot co-exist with Judeo-Christianity; and in America, Christianity specifically cannot be tolerated. These adherents are politicians, the judiciary, academia and journalists. These elites have two means of attacking Christianity: the judge-made doctrine of Separation-of-church-and-state, and Darwinism. But these two weapons are lethally flawed.

First, the Separation-of-church-and-state is based on a perverse interpretation of Jefferson’s metaphor of “a wall of separation.” Jefferson used this metaphor to mean protecting religion from the state. Justice Hugo Black misinterpreted it to mean protecting the state from religion.

Secondly, Darwinism is not only lethally flawed but is the only “scientific” theory that explains the creation of life. Without Darwin’s theory, atheists have no means of comprehending life. Darwinism is the lynchpin of atheism, which is why they protect it with religious fervor. But Darwinism, the natural selection of random mutations, is blatantly incapable of creating the complex human being.

Thus, atheists are living in a fantasy world. Their judicial fiats are invalid, and their “scientific” theory is a metaphysic at best or mere pseudo-scientific theory worst. All is delusion for the atheist.

This website is predictably divided into two sections. In the first we discuss how the doctrine of Separation-of-church-and-state was created, how it has been used (and is being used) to attack Christianity, and what exactly are the anti-Christian philosophies of atheism, secularism and naturalism (or materialism), which are wedded to the Separation-of-church-and-state.

In the second section, we discuss what Darwinism actually is and how Neo-Darwinists are attempting to resurrect Darwin’s failed theory as it is mired in logical fallacies. We discuss the non-scientific nature of Darwinism and give scientific proof of how Darwin’s theory fails despite a cacophony from “expert” supporters.

You may legitimately ask, why does Darwin's Collapse have any credibility to discuss legal, philosophical and scientific issues? The answer is straight forward; besides our founder, Dr. Greg Bredemeier having a keen and passionate interest as well as lifelong study of these topics he possesses the following degrees: an Executive Juris Doctor of Health Law,  a Doctor of Religious Studies and a Medical Degree with specialty training and 39 years of practicing Emergency Medicine.

A Note from the Founder of Darwin's Collapse

I wrote, The Collapse of Darwinism: How Medical Science Proves Evolution by Natural Selection is a Failed Theory, and created Darwinscollapse.com to serve as resources for all those who cannot logically subscribe to the theory that Darwinism—evolution by the natural selection of random mutations—can be the mechanism by which human beings were created. Individuals who are not well versed in science are naturally intimidated by the vocal and often adversarial proponents of Darwinism, many of whom are scientists, professors or Nobel Laureates. Despite Darwinists’ argument from authority, my book and website provide glaring medical evidence that evolution by the natural selection of random mutations cannot account for the information and complex molecular machinery that is the human mind and body. Darwinism is a failed, 1800’s theory and the proof of that failure lies in each of us. Darwin’s theory survives today only because it functions as a pseudoscience. It is this pseudoscience characteristic that allows materialists (naturalists and atheists) to avoid the existence of a supernatural reality—God, absolute morals and ethics, right and wrong, good and evil. Darwinscollapse.com explores the egregious misuse of faulty logic, pseudoscience and pseudo-philosophy all of which are used to: 1) resuscitate Darwin’s dying theory, and 2) attack Christianity via our legal system using the judge made doctrine—the separation of church and state.


Dr. Greg Bredemeier

Greg Bredemeier is currently a Board-Certified Emergency Physician practicing in the Jackson, Mississippi area with over thirty years of clinical experience. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from Mississippi State University with a major in Microbiology in 1977, his Medical Degree from the University of Mississippi Medical Center in 1981, an Executive Juris Doctor with concentration in Health Law from Concord Law School in 2008, and a Doctor of Religious Studies from Trinity College and Theological Seminary in 2010 with the completion of his major writing project “God-Of-The Gaps, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle and God’s Providence.” Dr. Bredemeier served in the USAF and Mississippi Air National Guard from 1973 to 2010 and retired as a Colonel, Chief of Aerospace Medicine, having served three tours in Iraq from 2003 to 2005. Bredemeier has authored three books, The Philosophical Attack on Christianity (Amazon, 2011) and Judicial Activism and the Assault on Christianity (Amazon, 2012) and The Collapse of Darwinism: How Medical Science Proves Evolution by Natural Selection Is a Failed Theory (WestBow Press, 2016).