Darwinism cannot be used to explain the origin of life nor deny the existence of God

The Collapse of Darwinism

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Darwin and Medical Science

In the western hemisphere adherents of atheism, secularism and naturalism have decided they cannot co-exist with Judeo-Christianity; and in America, Christianity specifically cannot be tolerated. These adherents are politicians, the judiciary, academia and journalists. They use two weapons: the judge-made doctrine of Separation of Church and State, and Darwinism. This section is devoted to Darwinism, which is the only “scientific” theory for the creation of all living things including human beings. Not only is Darwinism accepted as the explanation for creation; it is also used as proof that God does not exist. But Darwinism is fatally flawed.

Darwinism is not only lethally flawed but is the only “scientific” theory that explains the creation of life. Without Darwin’s theory, atheists have no means of comprehending life. Darwinism is the lynchpin of atheism, which is why they protect it with religious fervor. But Darwinism, the natural selection of random mutations, is blatantly incapable of creating the complex human being. Their “scientific” theory is a metaphysic at best or mere pseudo-scientific theory at worst.

In this section, we discuss what Darwinism actually is and how Neo-Darwinists are attempting to resurrect Darwin’s failed theory as it is mired in logical fallacies. We discuss the non-scientific nature of Darwinism and give medical proof how and why Darwin’s theory fails despite a cacophony from “expert” supporters.

Changes in Circulation at Birth

Fetal circulation demonstrates engineering complexity that requires advanced planning that Darwinian evolution cannot accomplish. The fetus survives in a fluid-filled environment (the amnion) and is busy developing a respiratory system designed for breathing air! This temporary system functions in the presence of; 1) three shunts, 2) unique fetal hemoglobin and 3) a special blood supply.


Neo-Darwinists have assiduously avoided the fact that DNA must code for all the changes that must take place in the human embryo, fetus, neonate and child that eventually produces an adult. And they should. The required information is astronomically complex and poorly understood. Its long past time evolutionary biologists address this complex issue.

Bioinformatics-Understanding DNA

Bioinformatics and Genomics are complex (to say the least) sciences that investigate the sequencing of DNA. How can anything this complex occur by random mutations? Evidence demonstrates random mutations cause disease, death and disability. To be a Neo-Darwinist requires suspension of reason.

Bill Nye Gets It Wrong

According to Bill Nye, the human body is designed in a way that is merely “good enough.” Mr Nye seems to think that he knows how the body could more properly be designed. It is only Nye’s arrogance that allows him to believe there can be no God, and thus evolution is true.

The Workhorse of the Cell: Kinesin

Darwinism and Atheism

In the western hemisphere adherents of atheism, secularism and naturalism have decided they cannot co-exist with Judeo-Christianity; and in America, Christianity specifically cannot be tolerated. These adherents are politicians, the judiciary, academia and journalists. They use one of two weapons: the judge-made doctrine of Separation of Church and State, and Darwinism. This section is devoted to the Separation of Church and State. As we will see, this weapon is fatally flawed.

The Separation of Church and State is based on a perverse interpretation of Thomas Jefferson’s metaphor of “a wall of separation.” Jefferson used this metaphor to mean protecting religion from the state. Justice Hugo Black misinterpreted it to mean protecting the state from religion.

This section of the website discusses how the doctrine of Separation of Church and State was created, how it has been used (and is being used) to attack Christianity, and what exactly are the anti-Christian philosophies of atheism, secularism and naturalism (or materialism), which are wedded to the Separation of Church and State.

Atheism: its beginnings and repercussions.

Modern atheism can trace its origins to the Enlightenment philosophers who were blatantly anti-Christian. But atheism of today ensures life is meaningless, egocentirc and morally ambiguous.

Legacy Media Faithfully Applying Joseph Goebbels' Propaganda

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Transcript of Podcast #8 Coronavirus Demonstrates How and Why Atheists/Socialists are Darwinists

Atheists/Socialists must adhere to Darwinism as the only means of removing God from public discourse. The current coronavirus pandemic has forced them to declare themselves, which they have done by attacking constitutionally protected freedom of religion.


LEADING TO THE MISINTERPRETATION OF THE “WALL OF SEPARATION” METAPHOR Justice Hugo Black egregiously manipulated Jefferson’s words and intent. Black’s malfeasance stands as possibly our nation’s most disgraceful example of an attack against Christianity and misuse of the legal system. Why would a Supreme Court justice behave in such an inappropriate manner? The answer may…


Hanna Arendt provides a masterpiece of philosophy by comparing the ideology of Darwinism and Marxism. She demonstrates how the basic natural laws of Darwinism and Marxism are actually never-ending movements within history; and it is this motion within history that is at odds with what can be considered the static right and wrong of Christianity.

The Negative Impact of Darwinism on Society

True science has no inherent negative impact on society. Darwinism is wedded to the Separation of Church and State to remove God from public debate. As a pseudoscience Darwinism was the accepted ideology of the Nazi hierarchy. Rather than protecting religion from the state, Germany like the US now protects the state from religion.

Richard Dawkins Tortures Reason to Suggest Evolution Created Religion

Richard Dawkins states that natural selection “scrutinizes” every variation, “rejects” those that are “bad,” “works” at the “improvement of each organic being.” That sounds like a very knowledgeable CEO of a manufacturing company. Mutations are random. There is no rejecting, working, scrutinizing or improving. Why anthropomorphize unless you have to?


The Collapse of Darwinism

How Medical Science Proves Evolution by Natural Selection is a Failed Theory

Most people intuitively understand that Darwin’s theory of evolution—natural selection acting upon random mutations—is a wholly inadequate theory for the creation of a human being. And most people feel unprepared to debate those scientists, professors, and scholars who use their academic authority to defend Darwinism, often bullying and belittling those of us who dare doubt Darwin.

Now, Bredemeier identifies and succinctly encapsulates why Darwinism fails. Using anatomy and physiology as only a physician can, Bredemeier exposes the errors and false logic that Darwinian acolytes continue to employ as they protect their mortally wounded theory. Any reader with a high school or college education will become armed with straightforward examples of exactly why Darwinism fails.

From anatomy and physiology of the human body—including neuroscience, genetics, embryology, and other fascinating fields of the increasingly numerous biological sciences—Bredemeier provides indisputable and damning evidence for which academicians, scientists, and even Nobel laureates, who zealously defend Darwinism, have no adequate answer.

Judicial Activism and the Assault on Christianity

Dr. Gregory Bredemeier’s Judicial Activism and the Assault on Christianity is a compelling analysis of the separation of church and state, how the concept of these institutions has changed over the past two thousand years, and how the founding fathers viewed their relationship as they established our country and the documents upon which it would be based: the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. In America today, progressives within our ruling elite are moving away from the Judeo-Christian principles that founded our country and, through judicial activism, moving it away from its founding principles and toward secular humanism. Beginning with an analysis of the Greek and Roman empires, Dr. Bredemeier explores the concept of church and state as defined by these two pillars of modern society, government, and political theory. Moving forward through time he demonstrates how the concept of church and state has remained in a dynamic state throughout the course of history and delineates the Judeo-Christian heritage and Judeo-Christian principles of our founding fathers and the documents they created upon which our country was founded: the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. As time has passed in our country, he reveals how judicial activists have manipulated the law in order to advance a progressive agenda that is compatible with their philosophy of secular humanism. By doing so he is able to illuminate the techniques used by judicial activists in the twentieth century that have altered the relationship between the two foundational institutions of church and state in a manner totally inconsistent with the intent of our founding fathers. Providing in-depth analysis to demonstrate how our legal system operates and to enable you to articulate and defend the Christian worldview that our country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, Dr. Bredemeier provides an understanding on how these principles are under attack from secular humanism, what its proponents believe, why they believe what they do, and how they carry out those attacks. Judicial Activism and the Assault on Christianity is the second book in a series entitled Defending Christianity.

The Philosophical Attack on Christianity

Dr. Gregory Bredemeier’s “Philosophical Attack on Christianity: How Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle Substantiates God-of-the-Gaps and God’s Providential Action” is more than an in-depth study of the extent of attacks on Judeo-Christian foundations of Christianity by militant atheists and agnostics. It is a blueprint emphasizing a dangerous movement that is undermining the fundamentals upon upon which this country was founded. “Does God Exist?” These three words have defined family upheaval, national conflict, and international warfare, yet the answer is as elusive as it is volatile. In this book Bredemeier reminds us that: 1) the machinations devised by militant factions of atheists and agnostics pose a great threat to society, 2) too many of these militants function within the scientific and academic communities, 3) it is vital that we recognize even the most subtle aspect of the attacks, and 4) arguments against the existence of God can be successfully defeated. “Philosophical Attack on Christianity” is an analysis of techniques and ideologies of militant atheists and agnostics who attack Christianity. Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle is described in order to demonstrate that true ontological gaps exist where man has no epistemic access to specific areas of scientific knowledge and therefore logically conclude that God cannot plausibly be removed from reality. This book applies an appropriate God-of-the-Gaps concept and describes how Christian theology is mischaracterized, mis-defined and otherwise manipulated to provide support for a relativistic worldview too frequently found in America’s journalists, academicians, politicians and jurists.

A Critical Analysis and Comments of
Richard Dawkins, The Blind Watchmaker: Why the Evidence of Evolution
Reveals a Universe without Design (New York: Norton, 1996)

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Darwin apologist in current times.