Darwin and Medical Science

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If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight, modifications, my theory would absolutely break down.

Charles Darwin

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Why devote time, energy and money to illuminate the true nature of Darwinism? Because, simply put, Darwinism is a threat to society as it is:

  1. a metaphysical ideology
  2. used for censorship
  3. used to alter behavior of citizens and organizations

Scientific theories are rarely dangerous unless they are used to create weapons or are misused for political purposes. Darwinism falls into the latter category. Darwinism is defined as the theory of evolution by the natural selection of random mutations. Darwinism, because of its metaphysical nature, is well suited for political mischief. Historically, nearly all of the Nazi elite were devout social Darwinists and their social Darwinism had a great impact on the Nazi agenda. A partial list of infamous Nazis, besides Adolph Hitler, who were faithful social Darwinists includes: Martin Bormann, Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Goring, Reinhard Heydrich, Dr. Alfred Rosenberg, Julius Stretcher and Dr. Josef Mengele, MD, PhD. Darwin supporters will of course howl when confronted with social Darwinism, but the painful truth is that no other “scientific theory” has ever been used to create an ideology that was nearly responsible for the destruction of western civilization. [Where are the “social Einsteinists,” the “social Newtonians,” the “social Heisenbergists,” or the “social (place your favorite scientist/scientific theory here-ists”)]? Darwinism is used as a political ideology because it can be used in that manner, unlike any other “scientific” theory.

Today we are no longer faced with the specter of social Darwinists militarily conquering the world. The danger now lies in censorship and the suppression of any person, business or organization that dare question Darwinism. Darwinism has become wedded to the judge-made doctrine of separation of church and state. This was institutionalized in our United States Federal Court system in the case of Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District. In this case the modus operandi were stablished—any theory that disputes Darwinism (such as Intelligent Design) is ascribed a religious connotation and because any religious teaching is verboten in the United States of America, the Darwin-opposing theory will be found unconstitutional since it will then violate the separation of church and state. This censorship is possible because Thomas Jefferson’s metaphor—a wall of separation between church and state—has been misinterpreted. Jefferson wrote his letter to the Danbury Baptists who feared that a central federal government would suppress their religion. Jefferson’s metaphor was intended to ensure the Danbury Baptists that their religious beliefs and practices would be protected from the State. After Justice Hugo Black perverted Jefferson’s metaphor and intent, now Americans live in an environment where the State is protected from religion. Any theory that threatens Darwinism will be censored by the Federal Government and this censorship will be enforced by the police arm of the State.

Why would the State be threatened by those who cannot subscribe to Darwinism? Briefly stated, Darwinism obviates the need for a supernatural creator and thus enables the State to hold ultimate  power in controlling all of its citizens’ (or subjects’) behavior including all ethics, morals and day to day activities. Professors in universities and teachers in high schools will be ostracized and/or lose their jobs if they do not submit to the State’s requirement to accept Darwinism. The media will ostracize and attack political candidates if they do not tow the line of Darwinism. Your church will be slapped down by the State if you dare express your belief in a supernatural creator in a way that is too public. For now, you may believe in God if you keep your beliefs confined to your church building or home. However, if you dare take your message too far into the public sphere you will face the wrath of the United States Federal Government because you are a threat, just as Socrates and St. Paul were threats to Athens and Rome respectively.

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Now that it is well known all organs, structures and molecules of every animal are created by DNA, Darwin’s quote must of necessity be changed to include DNA. It may sound more cumbersome, however the addition of DNA will free us from the naive biology of the 1800’s. Darwin’s quote will be accurate if stated, “If it could be demonstrated that the DNA code writing for any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight, modifications, my theory would absolutely break down.”

As simple as it sounds, those additional five words are a portent of exceedingly complex molecular biology, molecular genetics and information science, none of which were known in the 1800’s and each of which requires a PhD to fully understand. In the 21st century, biology is synonymous with information and it is well known that DNA is the language by which that information is delivered.

Biological information is not easily understood. Requisite for a proper and useful understanding is an unambiguous definition, of which there may be several depending on which branch of science one is interested. In our case, the term “Universal Information” is provided by Gitt, Compton and Fernandez who require biological information to provide: 1) code (a set of abstract symbols serving as an alphabet) plus syntax (rules that govern the use of code symbols), 2) meaning, 3) expected action and 4) intended purpose.

Once biological information is obtained, then and only then can we apply that information to form a logical argument either for or against Darwin’s theory of evolution. According to Kreeft, a logically sound argument must include: 1) significant terms that must be unambiguous, 2) premises which must be true, and 3) a conclusion which must logically follow from the premises, i.e. logically valid. As we will see in future blogs and podcasts, Darwinists routinely use very ambiguous terms and their premises are actually a series of dependent conjectures, from which conclusions cannot logically follow and are therefore not logically valid.

Furthermore, as Gitt et al. summarize, “While there is indeed a correlation between he material media and format that carries the information, the dictum ‘correlation does not imply causation’ certainly applies here. The material carrier cannot be and is not the cause of the information.” As we will see in future writings, Darwinists would like DNA to be the cause of the information and proceed as if that impossible dictum was in fact true.

[Werner Gitt, Robert Compton and Jorge Fernandez, “Biological Information—What is It?” pp. 11-25, in Marks et al., Ed. Biological Information: New Perspectives (Singapore: World Scientific, 2013), pp. 13-16.][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]