Transcript of Podcast #8 Coronavirus Demonstrates How and Why Atheists/Socialists are Darwinists



In my first podcast I mentioned why Darwinism is germane. Why it is not just another scientific theory. Today I am going to expand on that, and frankly explain why I am so passionate about Darwinism.

Oddly, it is the coronavirus that has pushed the true danger of Darwinism into the public sphere. Because of the coronavirus we have seen socialists (including so called democratic socialists) push the philosophical agenda of socialism to the forefront. Socialism requires the removal of God from the government and schools (straight out of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals). A true socialist is an atheist. Spoiler alert!!!! And all atheists MUST be Darwinists! They all must believe that we are created by the natural selection of random mutations, thus no need for God. (Now there may be socialists who do not want to publicly claim they are atheists for the sake of appearances, but their actions speak otherwise.) Look at what has happened with government attacks on religious freedoms. People are banned from going to church, but can go to Walmart. People are punished by the state for gathering to worship, but violent criminals are allowed out of jail.

The socialists have clearly demonstrated their hatred for God and religion. But they have one HUGE insurmountable problem! They must have a scientific theory for creation other than God, and Darwinism is the only thing they have—there is no other scientific theory other than DNA came from outer space. They are stuck with a lethally flawed scientific theory in Darwinism, and it is my job to remind them at every turn of their inadequacies. They cannot remove God from public debate with a fabricated false argument. So, let’s explore what we are seeing with this coronavirus crisis, and why it really matters beyond health and economics.

Atheists/socialists, secular humanists or materialists have clearly stated that a crisis cannot go to waste. Every crisis is useful for taking power, and taking power requires taking away religious freedom. American citizens are actually being threatened with prosecution for attending church, all in the name of protecting us. But protecting us from what? An emergent medical crisis is being turned into an economic catastrophe by the media (infotainment industry) and politicians. If you think I’m a conspiracy theorist, let’s just look at facts and observations—not sensationalism.

As a practicing ER physician since 1982 I have had an opportunity to observe various epidemics. From the outset during this crisis, I have been very suspicious of this coronavirus pandemic. Many things just aren’t right.

First and foremost, how many medical crises result in medical providers being sent home and having their pay cut? All over the nation (aside from a few hotspots) physicians and nurse practitioners are having their hours cut, forced on furlough, or being forced to take 10-25% pay cuts. Emergency departments are seeing a 50% drop in ER visits. That is inconsistent with any healthcare crisis in history.

{I believe there may be one confounding observation that led people to believe in higher mortality rates. What we have seen is high mortality rates in senior citizens with comorbidities, but nearly zero in children and young adults and adults. Other viruses tend to spread a lower mortality rate over a wider range of age groups, so a higher mortality rate in coronavirus in one specific age group will appear more significant and more deadly overall.}

Second, from the beginning we were told that there was a high mortality rate, as much as 4%. However, there is no way to determine any mortality rate unless the prevalence is known, i.e. how many people in the population have the disease? We never knew how many people were infected. You determine mortality by dividing the number of people with the disease by the number who die. There was never testing done to determine the prevalence, so all mortality rates were guesses or lies.

Third, nations were put on lockdown based on a mathematical model?! What model? Where is that data? Who did it? We were told 2.2 million deaths would occur in this country, and over time those numbers have decreased to 20,000? Any student in medicine, biology or statistics would receive a big fat red F on that project.

Fourth, right from the beginning this crisis was way too political. Unfortunately, politics means manipulation and lying. Coronavirus is far too susceptible to manipulation, and as I already mentioned it was a handy excuse to prevent people from expressing their religious rights.

Now, as of 28 April 2020 we have excellent research and statistics from very intelligent people who are not employees of the government. I would like to share one professor’s research, Professor Yitzhak Ben Israel from Tel Aviv University—available on His research illustrates my concerns for what is really going on right now.

Professor Yitzhak Ben Israel plotted rates of coronavirus infections of US, UK, Sweden Italy, Israel, Switzerland, France, Germany and Spain. He found that irrespective of whether a country quarantined or went about business as usual like Sweden did, the coronavirus peaked and subsided in the exact same way! It follows a pattern of beginning exponentially and fading quickly in about 8 weeks, which is what we have been seeing.

He has some interesting information on the person who developed the model that threw us all into mass hysteria. Professor Neil Ferguson has a history of wildly over estimating death rates through his prediction models. He predicted that up to 150,000 people could die in the UK from mad cow disease (177 deaths to date). He predicted 2.2 million deaths in US but changed it to 20,000 (4% of first prediction). At one point his models were condemned as “not fit for purpose.” Why in God’s name would anyone make important decisions on that data? Oh yes that’s the question isn’t it? We’re trying to get rid of God.

And fortunately, Professor Ben Israel is not alone. Dr.s Katz from Yale and Ioannidis from Stanford conducted research which is in agreement. From the Guardian: A study from Stanford found the virus was 50 to 85 times more common than official figures indicated. Now we have some data that can actually give a mortality rate. So instead of 4% mortality rate, the actual rate is 0.12% to 0.2%. Therefore, we are discovering that many more people have been infected, probably over a longer period of time.

Many studies are still ongoing. Good studies. There is good evidence that medications are going to be quite helpful. The virus is winding down on its own. We are over the worst of it. We are not done yet, there will still be deaths, and unfortunately the politics will continue up until election day. But why?

Here are some facts that should worry us all:

  • Physicians were told to code deaths as caused by covid-19 if a patient died with the infection or was suspected to have had the infection despite the fact that the cause of death may have actually been something else. This is outright unethical and a blatant lie the only purpose of which can be to make the disease worse than it really is.
  • Hydroxychloroquine has been castigated by the infotainment industry as an “experimental drug!” This drug has been around forever—decades. There is nothing experimental about it. It has an off label use for covid-19 and physicians use drugs for off label purposes all the time.
  • Where are the psychiatrists? The infotainment industry had no trouble finding psychiatrists who gleefully diagnosed President Trump as unfit for duty and with all sorts of psychiatric diagnoses without ever examining him. So where are they now when we know 22 million people being unemployed will lead to suicides, abuse, substance abuse, depression and anxiety? Crickets. Our psychologists and psychiatrists have failed us.
  • Why do politicians and the infotainment industry ignore CDC statistics regarding death rates that are far worse than covid-19:
    1. Flu 2018-19: 35.5 million sick and 34,200 deaths (similar in 2012-13)
    2. Sars 2002-3: 712,184 sick and 33,049 deaths
    3. 2018: Suicide 48,344
    4. Kidney failure 51,386
    5. Flu and pneumonia 59,120
    6. Diabetes 89,946
    7. Alzheimers 122,019
    8. Strokes 147,810
    9. Chronic lower respiratory 159,486
    10. Accidents 167,127
    11. Cancer 599,271
    12. Heart disease 655,381

Dr’s Katz and Ioannidis both make the point that because politicians and the infotainment industry have artificially created this fear, people are not going to physicians and having procedures done. More deaths from all the above causes will happen than from covid-19. This covid-19 mass hysteria was created by politicians and the infotainment industry to gain power, or out of sheer stupidity. The fact that most politicians and infotainment employees are atheistic, secular humanists has clearly been demonstrated by the attack on religious freedoms. Let’s not forget the most disgusting, soul wrenching and perverted government action in recent history—the governor from MI forbids religious gatherings but calls abortions life sustaining surgery!

So, I’m going to conclude this right here and use it as a Segway for the next podcast where I’ll discuss the pathology of socialism and Darwinism. I’ll also demonstrate how the atheistic, secular humanistic judicial activists have been attacking religious freedoms, especially Christianity, in this country for years.

If you’re interested, I’ll post a copy of this transcript on my website.

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