People have legitimate questions regarding COVID-19 and the COVID vaccines. Where did COVID-19 originate, a lab or in the wild? Was the government and media’s response appropriate, or overbroad? Were the COVID vaccines properly studied prior to being released, or did the pandemic emergency warrant rapid release? Without getting into these questions, I would like to discuss one glaring question that arises now that the emergency is over. Why are the consequences of the messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines so wildly different than what was expected and intended by the experts? And what does this disparity tell us? To answer these last two questions let’s look at how the mRNA vaccine was supposed to work, then look at what the vaccines actually did.
How was mRNA supposed to work? Messenger RNA vaccine was created to give your cells instructions to make the S protein, which is found on the surface of the COVID-19 virus. It does this by teaching the immune cells how to make a protein-or a piece of a protein-that will trigger an immune response to produce antibodies to the COVID virus, not anything else. After you receive an intramuscular injection, your muscle tissue begins making the S protein pieces and presenting them to the cell surfaces. This causes your body to create antibodies to the COVID-19 virus, not antibodies to anything else.
But what was intended is not what we have seen. Below is a list of reported adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines by physiologic system (suffice it to say this list includes every system in the human body):

NERVOUS SYSTEM: Guillain-Barre Syndrome, palsies of cranial nerves, cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, transient ischemic attack, intracerebral hemorrhage, demyelinating disorders including MS, tremors, encephalopathy.
CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM: myocarditis and pericarditis, sudden death.
PULMONARY SYSTEM: interstitial lung disease.
GASTROINTESTINAL SYSTEM: immune mediated liver injury, acute pancreatitis.
GENITOURINARY SYSTEM: male fertility and sexual dysfunction, frequency urgency and nocturia, glomerulonephritis.
ENDOCRINE SYSTEM: subacute thyroiditis (also reports involving pituitary and adrenal disorders.)
LYMPHATIC SYSTEM: lymphadenopathy.
HEMATOPOEITIC SYSTEM; Thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome.
MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM: fever, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, body aches.
INTEGUMENTARY SYSTEM: dermatologic reactions, oral ulcerations, stomatitis, necrotizing gingivitis.
(This is admittedly an incomplete list for the sake of brevity.)

So, what went wrong? That can be summed up in one word that writers have been exploring since ancient Greece—hubris. The fact that the intentions and data don’t match leads to one conclusion—the experts unsurprisingly failed to comprehend the possibly incomprehensible complexity of informational DNA. This begs the question, which is being ignored by the experts—What does it tell us when one small strand of mRNA is altered and every physiologic system of the human body is affected? And this leads us directly to another failure of the experts who push Darwinism as the mechanism for creation of the human body.
Is it feasible that naturally selected random mutations can create the incomprehensibly complex information system called DNA? The COVID-19 vaccines provide an answer to this question. The effects of mRNA vaccine went so far beyond what was planned and what was expected that there can be no other conclusion than our current understanding of DNA is embarrassingly inadequate, which makes it likely that DNA was designed. Remember, to toxic Darwinists and atheists, Intelligent Design is a terrifying symptom of the most virulent threat to society—Christianity. But the more we learn about the human body and informational DNA and the more disparity between what our experts think will happen and what actually happens, the more glaringly inadequate Darwinism becomes. Accepting as fact that the natural selection of random mutations created informational DNA is in part responsible for this current COVID/mRNA debacle. Once again hubris creates tragedy.

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